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Cornerstone Contracting takes care of all your home remodeling, additions, carpentry, garages, and more. Serving Mansfield, MA; Sharon, MA; Norwood, MA; Brockton, MA and beyond


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Home Additions and Extensions

Need to add more space to your home with an extra room or wing? From pouring the foundation to roofing, Cornerstone Contracting can build you the structure or add-on structure you need for your home. Whether you need a garage, a sun room, or to make an existing room bigger, we have the experience to get the results you require, and the added value for your home.

Here are some common home additions that we do:

  • Full wings

  • Room extensions

  • Garages

  • Barns

  • Sunrooms and Activity Room Sunrooms

  • Porches

  • Decks

To see samples our of our work, please click here or to the left.

Introducing: Activity Room Sunrooms!

Families spend a lot of time in their Great Room, but how much activity or exercise do they really get there? Wouldn't it be better to have more than just a home gym in your musty basement? Wouldn't it be nice to have a space in your home focused on activity/exercise and not just relaxation? Add an Activity Room Sunroom to your home and give your family the added health benefits of a meeting place that focuses on being more active.

What is an Activity Room Sunroom?

Much like a Great Room, it is a common place where a family can exercise, play games, watch television, sit by a roaring fire in the winter, or enjoy the natural sunlight all year round.

Does an Activity Room Sunroom replace a Great Room?

No, it is an additional room in your home that focuses on activity instead of rest. Here are some common features:

  • A four-season 20x20 sunroom (or larger) that attaches to your home

  • One corner holds your home gym and treadmill, stair climber, etc.

  • Another corner has a couch, television and stereo (with the tv positioned for viewing from all parts of the room.

  • Another corner is for games... Maybe a pool table/ping-pong table combo, or a foosball table.

  • The other corner is a great space for a 1/2 or full bath, or whatever you choose.

  • Optionally, add a fireplace, skylights, and much more.

Imagine yourself and your family in your very own Activity Room Sunroom. The more you think about it, the more you will want one... Give us a call today to learn more!


Please contact us today for a free consultation:

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