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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! (November 2017)

I'm so glad you stopped by to take a look at my furniture blog! Here are some pictures of an eastern white pine bench box just prior to finishing. One of my favorite features of this bench is the lid board.


I constructed the lid board from two pieces of pine through the process of jointing, gluing, and clamping. I selected the boards for the lid and aligned them this way to give the appearance of a board from the center of a very large tree.


Get Your Holiday Orders in Now (October 2015)

Have me build a small piece for someone special in your life. Not much says you care like a small piece of handmade furniture. Now is the time to get an order in for the holiday season!

Another Mud Room! (March 2014)

I just love building mudroom systems. The last one I built is the first picture on my website. That system was quite complicated as it consisted of seven modules. The one on order now is a two-piece system that takes advantage of the space available for such a system in that home.

Whether it's a half dozen modules, or just two, I can build a mudroom system that allows you to take back your entry-way. These systems are great for the people who live in your home, and the bench areas are a great place to stack coats when the house is full of friends and guests. No more piling coats on the stairs!

Now Accepting PayPal! (January 2014)

I am happy to announce that I now accept PayPal in addition to check and cash. As always, thank you for your patronage.

Custom Stand for a Small Wine Fridge (August 2013)

What a cool little project. A 20"x20" stand for a wine fridge. The idea is to get the refridgerator off of the carpet. This should give it more breathing room to function properly. Interesting aspects of this order are the thickness of the platform (almost 1.5 inches) and the edges of the platform need to be angled to match the angled bun feet (8 degrees).

A Slower but Still Busy Year (2012)

This year was kind of slow compared to the others but I did get the opportunity to build some really nice custom pieces for some great customers (old and new). I even got to put together a commercial order for an office reception area. Not to go into too much detail but that one really pushed my jointer to the max! Hopefully next year will better. They say the economy is recovering, right?

Poplar Radiator Enclosure for a  Bathroom in Pennsylvania (June 2011)

I was contacted by a couple in Pennsylvania to build the finishing touch for their recently remodeled bathroom. It's a poplar radiator cover with a beautiful trim that gives it the perfect touch. I really enjoyed making this custom trim on my router table. I don't get to do this too often but every now and again an order comes in that requires me to do so. Here are a couple pictures of this piece before the painting process began. Thanks for looking, and have a wonderful summer.

Poplar Radiator Cover with Custom Trim

Poplar Radiator Cover with Custom Trim

Two Library Walls for One Room (November 2010)

Once again, it has been far too long between blog entries. My apologies for that. I just finished up the second of two library walls for a single room for a home in Boston. That is nine modules total. A four-module system for the left wall, and a five-module system for the right wall. This room has a beautiful, deep red wall color, so if you click around my website, you can certainly find the pair of library walls I am writing about in this entry.

Also wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. The holiday season is once again upon us. I always find that Thanksgiving is a great holiday to start off with because it gets our hearts and minds in the right place, reminding us to be thankful for all the blessings that are a part of our lives. I know it is far too easy to focus on our challenges and problems and lose sight of our live's many blessings.

Asian-Themed Maple Table (March 2010)

Sorry I haven't had a chance to write a blog entry since December of last year, but I have been very busy working on projects and planning for others. I am in the process of building a seven-piece mudroom system right now. I will definitely post some in-progress pictures of this one in the coming month or so.

I recently posted some new pictures to my website, one of which is of an Asian-themed maple table that a customer will be using as a desk. Here are some pictures of it. This was definitely an ambitious build.

Asian-Themed Maple Desk

Asian-Themed Maple Desk

Asian-Themed Maple Desk

Asian-Themed Maple Desk

Chest of Drawers and Bookcase Delivery (December 2009)

I delivered the pieces shown in the pictures below this post about a week before Christmas. The timing of this delivery worked out very well. It was a Saturday afternoon before a major snow storm that was supposed to start late that evening. As the weather stations had predicted, the next morning I awoke to more than a foot of snow! Being a furniture maker in New England certainly can be exciting when Old Man Winter comes back to the area. This storm was a true Nor'easter.

The delivery was a true joy, though, because the customer had ordered the dresser as a surprise anniversary gift for his wife. There were many smiles to be shared and it was quite a memorable event. This really was the perfect delivery for this time of year and one that I will always fondly remember.

Now that I think of it, each of the three dressers I have been asked to build over the years were all gifts. What is it that makes a custom chest of drawers an often-gifted item? Maybe it has to do with the drawers making it a gift you can open over and over again? You can find this latest gift dresser on the pages of my website. It is one of the nicest pieces of furniture I have ever been asked to build. Custom-built handmade furniture makes for an awesome surprise, too.

I am Thankful for Repeat Customers (November 2009)

As a furniture maker and cabinet builder, it is an honor to build from my heart and mind into your home. Your comments, smiles, and referrals are wonderful, but it's especially affirming to get new orders from previous customers. It is an interesting time in my shop because I currently have orders from not one, but two previous customers. I am once again honored to build for these people again. Please see below for some pictures of these pieces. As always, click a picture to get a closer look.

135 Degree Corner Bookcase Set

8 Drawer Dresser/Chest of Drawers

8 Drawer Dresser/Chest of Drawers: Knob Detail

8 Drawer Dresser/Chest of Drawers: Small Drawer Detail

8 Drawer Dresser/Chest of Drawers: Large Drawer Detail


Finally Getting to Use My Flat-Black Stain! (October 2009)

Happy Halloween to everyone. Halloween candy is the official start of the eating season, so loosen those belts or up the activity! Doing both is probably the best idea at this time of year.

As a furniture maker, I get excited about small things like trying a new stain. I've had this flat-black stain in my arsenal of stains for a couple years now, but only have had the chance to use it to darken other stains. I finally get to use it as the coloring for a project. It's a small radiator cover that is the finishing touch for a bathroom that a customer did over. The stain has the effect of a Crate and Barrel flat-black look to it. Looks like black paint that shows wood grain. This is a common, contemporary look that isn't so easy to achieve.

Now, if you've ever applied stain yourself, you've probably noticed that different parts of the wood grain end up darker or lighter. This is natural and something that is typically impossible to get away from because heartwood and sapwood parts of a board (the two types) soak up stain differently. Although there are products on the market that even out acceptance of stain (pre-treaters), they usually have the effect of making the stain soak in lightly in both the heartwood and sapwood.

So how do you get around this? The flat-black stain I use is a suspended stain. It's a mix of polyurethane and stain. Instead of the wood having its "way" with the stain upon soaking into the grain, the stain is suspended in the polyurethane, providing a perfectly even black throughout the piece. In essence, the coloring stains the polyurethane instead of the wood. You'll see a picture of that completed radiator enclosure on my website as soon as I get a chance to add it.

After a Busy, Busy Summer... (September 2009)

This month has been much slower after a very busy summer. Just some small projects here and there. I also had a chance to change the lighting in my shop and organize my tools a bit. The layout of the shop is much better now, and I'm much less prone to trip over my saws. Like life, the shop space is always a work in progress.

An interesting project I did this month was a bathroom radiator cover that doubled as a shelving unit. The customers were a pleasure to work with, and the finished piece looked really great in their space. I'll be posting a picture of that project when I have time.

Six Module Media Wall Finished (August 2009)

I completed the media wall and installed it at the customers' house this month. If you haven't seen it yet, it is the first picture on the main page of my website. This was an extremely challenging project that came out even better than I had imagined. When building something like this, I take wall measurements many more times than needed to ensure that I don't build a set that is slightly bigger than the space. Slightly smaller and smaller are always better.

This project also involved some on-site carpentry. The customer asked me to remove the baseboard molding on that wall. I did that several day before install. In the meantime I took some of the molding home to reuse it post-install of the media wall. Using my trusty miter saw, I cut the needed pieces to size and attached them to the wall to give the installed media wall that fully built-in look. This is certainly a nice touch.

With a "built-in" like this, it's funny to think how a neighbor or family member who visited the day before the install and the day after would be truly shocked. To them, the media wall would seem like a monolith that just suddenly appeared out of nowhere! :)


Six Module Media Wall (July 2009)

I'm in the process of building a media wall for a family's living room. I actually had a project like this around the same time last year. Sort of interesting how these coincide... Maybe it has something to do with watching the Red Sox in the Spring? This piece is coming together very well. Soon I will begin the six doors for the base cabinets--3 cabinets with 2 doors a piece, and then the finishing work. Library walls and media walls from Lakota Custom Designs are modular. They are built off site and then joined on site to have the appearance of a single unit. This is great because you can bring the piece with you if you decide to move. Hands down that beats the expense, mess, and fixed location of a built-in piece, which is the general alternative.

Did You Know That I Build Your Designs, Too? (June 2009)

Chris and his wife from Pennsylvania ordered an interesting piece that Chris actually planned and drew and had been wanting to build for quite some time. Not having the appropriate tools or skill set, he asked me if I would build it for him. After discussing the drawing and his vision for the piece, I built them a small end table for a wine refrigerator. This piece was also interesting because the finish was black paint with high-gloss polyacrylic over it to give it a lacquer effect. I don't do true lacquer finishes (at this time), but this certainly works well as an environmentally friendly alternative.

Another Custom Vanity (May 2009)

I recently finished yet another custom vanity. Orders for these nearly came in pairs. This one was finished with an ebony stain. On top of it will sit a flat-bottom Kohler sink. The brushed-nickel hand for the door adds a nice touch, making this piece look quite contemporary. If you look, you will find a picture of this vanity on another page of this website.

Custom Vanity for a Small Bathroom (March 2009)

Having custom furniture made for you is a wonderful thing because it personalizes your home. You use your furniture every day. Why buy something that was mass-produced in a factory when you can have something made just for you!

Like many businesses, both small and large, Lakota Custom Designs has slowed down. Thank God it's just me. I would be letting workers go at this point if I had anyone on a payroll. I am sure there are brighter days ahead. On the bright side for you, the wait time for me to begin working on new orders is very small. Now is a great time to order.

The good news for me is that the shop is not empty. My sincere thanks to my recent and current customers for their orders. One project I am working on right now is a custom vanity for a small bathroom. This customer tried to find a vanity that would fit in her small bathroom for years, but with no avail. With the custom sizing services that I provide, she is now just weeks from having a beautiful vanity that will slide right in and under her sink.

Custom Media Console (February 2009)

I have been looking forward to getting an order for one of these for quite some time now. This custom media console is just about ready for stain and poly. The black stain that the customer has requested will make the wood look like walnut when it is completed. This cabinet/console is truly custom. It has all adjustable shelving, vented backing (not pictured), and even a speaker-cloth grill insert as the panel on the center door. This allows the customer to put a center-channel speaker inside the cabinet!

Media Console with Bun Feet

I hear that when this is done and delivered it will sit under a wall-mounted flat screen television the size of a small horse. What a stunning picture that will make. As you can see, the doors and face wood for this piece are all clear pine. The doors also have raised panels for the centers and are suspended with hidden hinges. Thanks again to the customer for this interesting order. I will miss this piece when it leaves the shop but be proud of its place in the customer's home.

Order for Another Lazy Susan (January 2009)

I'm not sure why, but I love building those handy rotating table platforms called "Lazy Susans." I think it has something to do with the magic of cutting out the circle. They are also a ton of fun to spin while in the shop. Why the name Lazy Susan though? In truth, the original Susan was probably not lazy, she must have had a giant family and and a giant table. Maybe these should be called "Efficient Susans"?

Lazy Susan with Raised Sides

The really exciting thing about this order for a Lazy Susan is that it is going to a family in Kansas. Many thanks to UPS and it will be safely on its way in a couple weeks from Boston to Kansas. Like my previous rotating table platform, this one is also built from hard white maple. The raised side pieces are actually made from the cutoff of the original circle. This is an eco-friendly approach that allows me to use "scrap" wood and keep the cost down for the customer.

Are Radiator Covers Heat/Energy Efficient? (December 2008)

In these times of expensive natural resources, I get asked about the heat efficiency of radiator enclosures quite often. Am I going to have to pay more to heat my home after I add radiator covers? How much heat efficiency will I lose? It may be surprising to most, but radiator covers actually make your radiators more efficient--not less heat efficient. Over time, the investment in radiator covers will actually end up paying for itself.

The way a properly designed radiator cover works to make your radiators more energy efficient is by keeping the majority of the heat directed toward the front of the radiator. This is accomplished by way of the top of the radiator cover. It keeps all that great heat from going up to ceiling. The natural motion of heat is to rise. The higher your ceilings, the higher the hot air will drift and rise [instead of being pushed forward and into the room]. Think of it like a chimney that you can cap to keep all that hot air produced by burning wood from escaping into the cold night air. That doesn't exist with chimneys and fireplaces, but it can be steam and hot water radiators.

Speaking of radiator covers, here is a radiator cover and cubby  shelf w/hooks combo that I am currently completing. As you can see the hooks aren't installed quite yet. There are many steps left before that. Soon you'll see a picture of the completed set on a main page of the website.

Radiator Cover and Cubby Shelf With Hooks Combo Set

ImprovBoston Bench is Done! (September 12th, 2008)

My apologies because it has been far too long between entries. Since the last time I wrote I finished many projects. The folks from ImprovBoston came to pick up their complimentary bench this past weekend. I can't wait for them to send me a picture of it in their beautiful bar! If you love improvisational comedy you've got to check them out! While you're there, have a sit on the bench and enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of beer. I will be posting a picture of the bench to the main page very soon.

Although we haven't announced it officially, we are now looking for the Lakota Custom Designs Charity Project for 2009. So, spread the word and please have a deserving public organization or institution you know of contact us if they have a need for a piece of free custom furniture--designed just for them.

Are Radiator Covers Safe? Are Radiator Covers a Fire Hazard? (June 1st, 2008)

I get asked those questions once in a while. Wood radiator covers are certainly not a fire hazard because the outside of a radiator doesn't get hot enough to burn wood; however, they do get more than hot enough to burn skin. When you combine a small child running into a heated and uncovered radiator, you've got a major safety hazard. Not only will it burn skin, but the concussive force of running into cast iron doubles the hazard. While I'm on the topic of radiator covers, let me dissuade you from buying metal radiator covers. Although they can cost just a bit less, metal conducts heat. Although your radiator will no longer look "ugly" it will still be a safety hazard. Sure, the metal cover won't get as hot as the radiator itself, but unlike a wood cover, it will be hot to the touch and much too hot to put anything on or use as a shelf.

Radiator Covers with Steam Trays (May 6th, 2008)

Very busy in the shop lately, so not much time to write in this blog. Today is a Sunday morning and the best opportunity for an update. Curious George is on the television, and the family is together enjoying coffee or juice, and breakfast. I was recently hired to create several very specialized radiator covers. These ones will have water pans that sit directly on top of the radiator (encased by the cover). The purpose here is to use the radiators to heat up the pans of water and provide a humidifier effect. In a going green sort of way, these covers will give the client the ability to unplug their electric humidifiers in the colder months and use the heat from the radiators to create moisture in an alternate way. Each radiator enclosure will have a flip top to make it easy to change or add more water to each tray.

I started the dimensional drawings for this new design and will be sharing it with the client soon to see how well it fits their needs. My first concern is balancing the safety of containing the hot water while allowing for the steam to escape. At the same time, though, the steam needs to have enough vent points to keep the lid from eventually warping. This is an interesting challenge and one that must also be balanced against the aesthetical requirements of the client. As with all projects there is a perfect custom design that will account for all of these requirements. Now, back to creating that design...

Charity Project Continues... (March 19th, 2008)

As you may or may not know, Lakota Custom Designs had selected Improv Boston for our holiday charity project. Based on the building/remodeling schedule of their new space, Improv Boston is now ready for us to come in and design a waiting-area bench for their new bar. Stay tuned for more information and pictures about this project. To learn more about Improv Boston, and why they need assistance, please refer to the following link.

Custom Window Treatments (February 15th, 2008)

From cabinets to window treatments, we love to hear about your unique furniture needs. We are currently finishing an order for 2 sets of window treatments for an older home. The customer wanted to match the existing treatments that were created many years ago, and scattered throughout the home when they purchased it. Unfortunately, the dining room didn't have any window treatments (unlike a lot of the other rooms on the first floor). So, the first room to tackle is the dining room. These will be installed for the customer (free of charge) over the weekend.

Media Organizer to Match Existing Dresser (January 22, 2008)

We recently received and completed an order for a customer in Indiana who wanted a media organizer that would sit on a pre-existing dresser. Matching the style of the dresser was a top priority, so a lot of research and specifications went into this smaller project. I will be posting a picture of the completed piece soon, and when you see it you will notice that it has beadboard sides, astragal molding around the top, and is intentionally distressed to look gently worn.

Speaking of distressing furniture, this is truly an art form where cause-for-wear is a crucial part of deciding what parts of a piece to distress. For the media organizer, which will house a satellite receiver, I wore down two specific sections the most to balance the amount of wear shown on the front. One spot is on the top left of the piece--the goal there was to make it look like someone had slung their belt over it for years. The second spot is on the bottom board that supports the unit. It is off to the right side and gives the impression that a wallet or remote control had been continuously taken out and put back over the course of several years. The piece also has other distressing features, which were applied more lightly. The media organizer is currently en route to the customer and will arrive tomorrow.

Glitch with Quick-Order Form (January 20th, 2008)

I just want to apologize to any potential customer who recently submitted information via the quick-order form and didn't get a reply back from me. Please check your spam inbox, as it appears that some of my responses ended up in there. After isolating the problem, this shouldn't happen again, but in order to ensure that however you choose to contact Lakota Custom Designs is truly a viable contact method, each response I provide to these forms will include a short question at the end asking you to send a quick response to verify that you received my reply (and we are in-sync),

In general, our tunaround time to respond to emails or form messages is no longer than 1 day. So, if you are still waiting to hear from us, please accept our apology, and try again. We would rather not "spam" everyone who sent us an inquiry over the last month, so please email us a quick note at telling us that you submitted an email form but did not hear back from us. That short email will give us enough information to find your original message and pick up from there.

Again, our apologies for any inconvenience. Please feel free to contact us by email, quick-form, or phone.

Always Ready for Another Radiator Cover Project (January 15th, 2008)

For the first time in a long time, I can count the number of radiator covers I have left on order on one hand (and even one finger!). It has been a very busy fall and winter for making radiator covers. As you can see on my website, there are a variety of radiator cover styles and functions. Whether you need standard radiator covers or would like a hall tree or bookcase built as a custom radiator cover piece, now is the time to get your order in.

When you fashion your home with custom-made radiator boxes, you, too, can make the best heat also the most beautiful heat. In addition, you get top-of-the-cover storage space and safer heat for your guests. As always, no radiator enclosure job is too big or too small. As you know, I am currently finishing a 7 cover order for delivery this weekend. Now is the time to get your radiators covered and beautified! Please email today.

Sometimes I get the question, "Isn't a wood radiator cover a fire hazard?" This is a fair question. The truth is that the top of a radiator (the hottest part) does not get nearly hot enough to burn wood. In my own words, "Radiators burn skin; not wood." Did you know that radiator covers also protect your children and guests from concussive injuries? Cast iron is extremely dense. Naturally, it has to be to maintain form while allowing steam to move through it and let the steam do its job. Don't let your children or guests be a victim of your heat. Just imagine the injuries that can occur when a child runs full force into a fully heated radiator. Putting a cover on even just the most worrisome radiators protects your family and friends from "running into" injuries and skin burns.

Pictures of Recent Custom Furniture Projects (January 5th, 2008)

The shop has been very busy this winter with a variety of custom projects and orders. At present, there are several pieces that are in the process of being order/decided upon. One is a hall table that will be used to hold kitchen cookbooks, recipes, and a lot of miscellaneous kitchen and pantry related stuff. This piece will have two long drawers. I know when I was a kid there was just one kitchen drawer for miscellaneous stuff like pads, pencils, pens, and phone books. This customer will have the luxury of 2 or more drawers (if they already have a drawer that is used for such items).  Here are some pictures of custom furniture projects that are currently in the works.

Tall Kitchen Cabinet With Middle Drawer

Radiator Covers In Process (5 of 7 covers)

As always, I will be posting more pictures of these pieces as they reach completion. Another recent project that I don't have a picture of was a drawer repair for a customer in Western Massachusetts. Their particle-board sink/counter drawer ended up getting soaked after a pipe leaked, and the pressed wood fell apart. The only option left was to build a new drawer but reuse the face piece (it was still good). The customer just dropped the drawer into their bathroom yesterday, and it fits perfectly. This was my expectation, naturally! :)


Let's Get Started!

Please email, phone, or use the contact form for a free quote or to begin design consultation:


Orders are taken on a first-come/first-served basis. Thanks for choosing us.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! (December 24th, 2007)

Thank you for making 2007 a very busy year for Lakota Custom Designs. For new customers, or those of you who are just thinking about ordering a custom piece of furniture, please know that we are here to work with you in any way that helps make a custom piece truly custom for your use. An important thing to keep in mind is that there is no rush in ordering. Although we would like your order sooner rather than later, getting exactly what You want is the key, and our ultimate goal. So again, please take your time and allow us to help you decide when we can help.

Quite frankly, buying custom furniture and accents is so much different from the traditional way of shopping for furniture. The options made available to you by Lakota Custom Designs and other custom furniture makers can seem very overwhelming when you compare a purchase from us to buying pre-made as part of a large manufacturing run at a local or international furniture retailer. Again, take your time and let us know how we can help you decide what you'd like.

Thanks again for making this a very, very busy year for us. We look forward to working with you in the short time left in 2007, and all of 2008. Very Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Radiator Enclosures and Wainscotted Radiator Cover (December 2nd, 2007)

I took this picture before I started making a wainscotted radiator cover that is also part of this set. I will post that piece as soon as possible. These covers are all in hand-selected pine and will be stained or painted based on location in the home. The wainscotted cover is clear pine. All of these radiator boxes/enclosures will have a nice trim running along the top. The wainscotted cover is really going to have a victorian look to it.

Radiator Covers for a Boston Brownstone

This is certainly the season of radiator covers, but any time of year is a good time to turn the most comfortable heat into the most beautiful heat! When deciding on the style of radiator cover you want, you have lots of options. The pictures on this website can help you figure that out, but a trip to you local homestore's trim department can give you a better idea of what is possible. In the future I plan to include a trim/stain section that will visually show more options. This will be some work to put together though, and with the demands of furniture making, that website update may take a while to happen.

I will post more pictures as these pieces come along, which will include a custom hall tree/radiator cover with glove warming area, and a bench box with a full-swing top and cubbies below!

Room Left for Only 4 More Holiday Orders! (November 25th, 2007)

If you would like to order a holiday gift for that special someone, please don't delay. I have room left for just 4 more holiday orders (guaranteed to be completed before December 24th). So, please get your order in ASAP because the spots are going fast..

Thankfulness and Giving Thanks (November 21st, 2007)

I've had a happily overhwelming feeling of thankfulness these past few days. There are so many blessings in our lives that often times we focus on the blessing that we don't have, instead of those that we do. It's a blessing to spend time with people that we love each and every day. For many fellow Americans, this is not the case right now. We can all give them the support of our big family with a USO care package. It means more to them than we know, especially if you write something from the heart as a proud US citizen writing to a proud US soldier/patriot. Click here to Donate a USO Care Package or consider doing so! Thank you!!

Charity Project for The Holidays (November 20th, 2007)

We're just about ready to decide on the charity project to do for this holiday season. I posted a request for submissions on LiveJournal in the Boston community. It's going to be a tough choice, but any project that was considered this year and not picked can still be in the pool of future possible charity projects. So if not now, maybe later...

More Pictures to the Main Page (November 15th, 2007)

As much as I would like to, I don't always have time to write about every customer project that I have in the works. On the main page you'll find a couple new pictures. One is of a radiator cover for an inset radiator. The other is for a set of radiator covers that the customer wanted left natural. Tonight, I will be starting an art bookcase for a customer in Western Massachusetts. Because of the depth requirement, this bookcase will be made from cabinet-grade wood. It will have top and bottom molding, be primed upon completion and ready for their paint. I hope to get a picture of this piece when it is in full use. It will be used to hold their large collection of art books. The top will be used to display some prized sculptures that the owner can't wait to set on top!

Thanks again to everyone for your recent orders, and please keep them coming. Although a month may seem like a long time to wait for a piece of furniture, it really isn't when you consider that you are getting exactly what you want, you don't have to assemble it, and it will last for many years to come. As always, we try to hurry-up on orders that you need sooner (maybe you just can't wait), but the key to getting your furniture sooner is placing your order sooner. In any event, let us know what your time needs are. Many thanks again and please feel free to call or write if you have any questions or concerns.

What a Set! Radiator Cover, Radiator Cover Bookcase, Bookcase, and Corner Unit Radiator Cover Bookcase Delivered (November 3, 2007)

Fortunately, we got the furniture upstairs before the worst winds of today's storm. These pieces all came out very well and were a pleasure to work on. The corner-unit bookcase radiator cover was the most interesting of all pieces for me to plan and create, from this set. Per the customer's interest, I created 4 slots for sheet music as a feature of this piece. Pictures of all of these completed pieces are available from the main page of the website, throughout the listing of images.

The pickling stain looks especially great. I really love working with this type of stain due to its durability and unique look it gives to the wood. The pieces used both pine and oak (backing). The contrast between woods with the stain adds a nice extra detail.

Victorian Cabinet Finished (October 29, 2007)

Pictures of the completed Victorian Cabinet are now available from the main page of this website. Please click the main image to see the set.

Can you believe the Red Sox won the World Series again? Absolutely amazing! That Sunday was possibly the biggest day in New England sports history ever, with the Patriots going 8-0 for the first time, and the Sox sweeping the World Series AGAIN. Hats off to the Rockies for a great effort. Just being the first Colorado team to play in the World Series was quite an accomplishment, and that squad talked a lot about that fortunate honor, if not anything else was achieved.

Pictures of Current Projects (October 24, 2007)

Here are some pictures of my latest in-progress projects. Please click any image to enlarge it. As always, please keep the orders coming! :)

Radiator Cover/Enclosure

Radiator Cover/Enclosure Bookcase

Radiator Cover/Enclosure Bookcase Corner Unit

Radiator/Cover Enclosure

Victorian Cabinet (Front)

Victorian Cabinet (Open)

Victorian Cabinet (Top)

Your Very Own Library, Library Nook, or Reading Nook (October 22, 2007)

As an avid reader, one of my favorite projects to take on is building sets of bookcases and furniture for a library or library nook. Because of our low prices you can usually turn that perfect spot into a reading area or study for between $500 and $1000. Naturally, larger jobs are more expensive, and smaller jobs are less. If you've always wanted a library nook or full library, but aren't sure of where it should be in your home, or which spare room is just right for it, let us help you figure that out. We'll come out to your home for free to help you determine where and what. You might be surprised at what you can do with an empty corner of a room. You may even have to hire your own librarian to say "Shhh!" After your library or reading nook is done you'll probably gladly take on that role yourself though! :)

Victorian Cabinet is Almost Done (October 20, 2007)

Wow, this is certainly one of the most beautiful pieces I have had the pleasure to work on. Don't get me wrong, the goal of each piece is to produce a masterpiece for your home, but this cabinet is truly wonderful. The next step is to make six doors and then finish the piece with a variety of stain and polyurethene. The customer is very interested in every detail and even sent me the 3 pairs of brass/crystal knobs that she would like to use. I can't wait to post a picture of this finished piece. The cabinet grade wood is remarkable!

Radiator Covers, Radiator Enclosures, and Bookcase Style Radiator Covers (October 15, 2007)

It's certainly the time of year when we start thinking about covering up our radiators to make them safe, aesthetically pleasing, and even space efficient. I am currently working on a couple radiator cover jobs. One is a very large order and the other is a more typically-sized order. Big or small, we're happy to give you the quality pieces you need at a fair price. I'll soon be posting pictures of a couple bookcase-style radiator covers that are in my shop right now. These are really the best of all worlds for folks that don't have radiators under their windows and can take advantage of all the vertical space above them.

Happy Fall Everyone! (October 5, 2007)

The leaves are turning and Halloween is fast approaching. Work is picking up so please get your orders in as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and making handmade furniture for your home or office.

Victorian Cabinet Ordered (September 4, 2007)

I just started working with a new customer who wants a Victorian Cabinet for her dining room. She and her husband own nearly a dozen pieces of fine Victorian furniture, and this piece will be designed to best fit with the existing furniture in that room. After it's done, the Victorian Cabinet will be used to hold table linens and a large collection of player piano rolls that her parents originally owned. This cabinet will have 3 storage columns of equal size with doors adjacent to the drawer column in the middle. I'll be posting pictures as I make progress, but first the customer and I have to work through some of the details. As you probably know, work never begins on a project until the customer is fully satisfied with that which will be produced. This will truly be a custom piece given some of the design details she wants as well as the initial purpose for it.

Thanks for Visiting and Reading this Furniture Blog (August 27, 2007)

Not much to write about at the moment. We're currently very busy having some remodeling work done on our house. I just picked up 2 refurbished cast-iron steam radiators from Radical Radiator Restorations in Everett, MA. Thanks again to Joel for this wonderful service.

Pictures of Bookcase and Matching Bench Box (August 13, 2007)

You've probably already realized that the pictures for these pieces are posted to the main page of the website. Like images in this furniture blog, you can click those main-page images to get a better look at how well they came out! These were so much fun to make.

Long Bookcase and Matching Bench Box are Done (August 9, 2007)

I'll be taking pictures this afternoon and posting them soon. The bookcase and bench box both came out great. The customer actually stopped by to give me a small drawer from her office desk (as I had mentioned she wanted to match the stain and finish). Looking really good! I'll do a bit more work on both as I always do, but these are now 99.9% complete. Aside from the cherry dining room table, I'm now looking for my next project(s). So, please contact me if you'd like something. Also, I am still looking for a charity project. Please contact me if you know of a deserving public institution.

Cherry Dining Room Table (August 8, 2007)

Although it's not official yet, I will be putting together a plan for a 100+ inch long dining room table that will be made from cherry. This will be a great project that will give me more opportunities to work with that fine grain of wood. The potential customer said "cherry," but based on cost, they may be more interested in solid/clear pine with a cherry finish. In any event, I imagine this table will cost them between $600 and $1000. That's nearly 1/4 of the cost for this size table and style from traditional manufacturers.

Dimensions for a Long Bookcase (July 27, 2007)

A customer has ordered a library style bookcase that will have top and bottom molding. The height is 38 inches and the width/length is 6 feet (72 inches). I can't wait to start this project. I have been looking forward to an order for a wide bookcase since a lot of the ones I am asked to make are tall. I enjoy building anything and everything, and this project will be a bit different and give me a chance to focus on a slightly different style. This bookcase will have shelves that are 12 inches deep. I will post a picture of the finished bookcase.

Looking for a Charity Project (July 23, 2007)

If you know of a charity that is in need of a piece of furniture, please let me know or forward my contact information to them. As a donation, I'd like to create something for a shelter or similar public institution. Whether they decide to auction it off to raise funds, or proudly display it for use by their charges, I can't wait to get started on this.

Demo Design for Floating-Top Bookcase (July 22, 2007)

I started putting together a new bookcase design this weekend. It is a modern/contermporary design with a floating top. When I say floating top, this means that the top visually "floats" (though fully connected). I'll post a picture of this soon. I'm trying to determine whether to put the demo version (25 inches wide, 25 inches tall, and 8 inches deep) on eBay or just sell it on here. I'll probably put it on eBay with a really low starting bid to get the most activity out of it. I'll post related links or pictures as they become available, too.

Floating-Top Bookcase

Please click to enlarge image.

Custom-Sized Bench Box (July 21, 2007)

I just finished the final sanding for this pine bench box. All solid wood, it is 3 feet wide (the one on the main page is 4 feet). The customer is still deciding on the stain and finish. We are also drafting ideas for a bookcase that will compliment both the bench box and a roll-top desk she recently purchased from a retailer.

Bench Box

Please click to enlarge an image.

Bench Box (Front)

I look forward to staining this, it's just a matter of how light or dark... Will post a completed picture when this is done. This project involves free in-home consultation so I can see the design elements used in the desk.


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