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Lakota Custom Designs

Solid Wood, Custom Furniture and Accents, Handmade Just for You and Your Home!



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I love to build custom furniture for people. Please let me build for you! To order, please send me an email (, give me a call (774-254-4617), or use the quick form below. That's all you need to do to get started. Whether you know exactly what you want, or have just a vague idea, please contact me soon so I can begin planning and creating your piece. I love making furniture and can't wait to hear from you!

Custom Design Quick-Contact Form




After you click Next, a confirmation screen will appear. Please review the information you provided, and then click Continue. You will usually see a response from me later the same day, or the very next day.

Please Enter a Valid Email Address Above, and Also Check Your Spam Box...

A lot of times my replies to your inquiries end up in your spam box, so please keep an eye on both your in box and spam box for my reply. If you don't hear from me within a few days, please give me a call at 774.254.4617. I usually respond the same day or within a couple days, so again, please check your spam folder.

Payment Methods

I accept cash, check, and PayPal.

Materials Deposit

For each order, I require a materials deposit. This is a quarter of the total cost for local orders, and half of the total cost for mail orders.

Turnaround Time

I always strive to complete your project as soon as possible, but depending on how many pieces are currently on order, sometimes it can take a while. The main page and this page both provide a projected turnaround time based on existing orders. My best advice is to get a deposit to me as soon as you can to reserve your place in line when the shop is very busy.

Delivery, Pick Up, or Mail Service

I am located in South-Eastern Massachusetts and offer delivery/pick-up service for local customers (within 60 miles or so for delivery). Pick up is free, of course. Delivery is a minimal, extra charge based on the size of the order, and the rental vehicle I need to reserve to make the delivery (if needed).

For customers outside of the Massachusetts and Rhode Island area, and around the world, I will gladly build and ship your order through UPS or a similar carrier. However, I will only ship medium-sized items or smaller items that do not require less-than-truckload freighting. Typically, the largest item I can ship without freighting would be a 5 foot tall bookcase that is 3 feet wide and 12 inches deep. The best way to determine if I can build and ship something to you is to contact me with the dimensions so I can determine if it is within the range of standard UPS.

Very large items require freight shipping, which adds tremendous cost and introduces much greater potential for damage during delivery. As you know, each piece of furniture I make is handmade, so having an item become damaged during its freight journey would cause a big problem in that another version of the same large item would need to be built again.


Let's Get Started!

Please email, phone, or use the contact form for a free quote or to begin design consultation:


Orders are taken on a first-come/first-served basis. Current turnaround time is a minimum of 4 weeks.





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