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Answers to Common Plumbing and Heating Questions

We get a lot of questions about plumbing and thought it would be a good idea to provide a plumbing FAQ, so to speak, that would give you answers to some of the common plumbing questions that you might ask. If you are searching for an answer to a common plumbing question, please read on for our question and answer section. As always, give us a call today if you need a plumber, or heating specialist right away!

Does a leaky or leaking shower head have to be replaced?

It depends on whether the leaky shower head is mechanically faulty or the connection between it and the water source is not properly bridged. In the case that the leak is at the connection to the water inlet, the shower head will probably not need to be replaced. This is a good opportunity to get a new look in your bathroom/shower though, so do give it some thought.

How do you unclog a drain?

After a careful examination of the drain clog, water recession, and other factors, the method used to declog the drain is decided upon.

How do I keep a drain from getting clogged?

Regular use of a drain cleaner, whether natural or chemical is the best way to keep your drain from getting clogged. In showers and bathtubs, use of a hair catcher/strainer will keep loose hairs from washing down your drain line and causing the majority of clogs to start.

How do I unclog my toilet if I don't have a plunger?

First off, don't keep flushing it. When you have a clogged toilet and you can either barely or easily see the clog (usually a lot of toilet paper), many times you can extend a wire coat hanger to hook the clog and remove it. If you rather not worry about it, give us a call!

Why are my heating pipes banging?

Usually, banging heat pipes are associated with just steam heat. The reason this occurs with steam heat is due to a lot of factors that affect this type of heating system. Steam heating pipes and the system can be adjusted in a variety of ways that will reduce or eliminate banging. Sometimes, it is as simple as yearly maintenance and regular sediment flushing during the heating system.

In cases of severe banging that wakes you up at night and startles you during the day, it usually means that your steam boiler is missing a simple piping structure called a Hartford loop. It is estimated that 25% or more of steam boilers are missing this piping connection. It keeps the water in the boiler from coming up the steam lines, ensuring that only steam travels through them. A lot of boiler installers don't install a Hartford loop in the back because it seems unnecessary. Ask any home owner who lives with the frustration of loud pipes and you'll soon understand that the owners of a steam heating system should not live without a properly installed system, and that requires a Hartford loop.

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Why are my heating pipes clicking or creaking?

Circulated hot water heating systems can be identified by a number of wall length or shorter registers in each heated area of a home. Unlike a steam heating system, hot water is circulated through copper tubing instead of steam into steel pipes and cast iron radiators. The temperature of steam is much than that of hot water, so registers full of heat reflective plates allow more heat to be distributed into each room. As each plate heats and cools, the metal contracts slightly, and this causes the clicking that is common heard. Much less obnoxious than the loud bang of the previous problem, this clicking can be exacerbated by lose connections in the radiators.

How often should I flush the sediment from my boiler during the heating season?

Weekly, but you really can't do it too much (within reason of course). Flushing sediment from your boiler is best accomplished after the water in the boiler has had a chance to settle during a period of inactivity. Waiting, or termporarily shutting off your boiler in preparation for a sediment flush will allow you to get rid the most sediment--and less water!

My ring fell down the drain--what do I do??

Close the door of the room if possible to make sure that no one uses the sink that the ring fell down, and then give us a call ASAP. Usually, trying to get it out yourself makes the situation worse rather than better. Leave it to a professional!

Why do a lot of plumbers use plastic/PVC piping these days?

The PVC pipe revolution has provided many benefits for both plumbers and home owners. The technology is really a win-win for such a large variety of reasons. The major reasons, though, are that it is less expensive for you, and lighter and more efficient to join for plumbers.

What kind of stuff do plumbers do?

Plumbers create connections of piping for water and fuel sources for heating and air conditioning and connect those systems to outputs like sinks and showers or devices like heaters, heating, and air conditioners. This work also includes HVAC.

What kind of pipes and piping do plumbers use?

The kind of plumbing pipe used for a particular plumbing job or application depends on the specifications of the result that you are seeking. Most plumbing jobs require either PVC, copper, steel, or cast iron. Whether the water is heated, and to which degree, is the primary factor in pipe selection.

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